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Daiwa Legalis 17 LT

Daiwa Legalis 17 LT 2500 XH
Daiwa Legalis 17 LT 2500 XH
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Daiwa Legalis 17 LT


Our Legalis reels cover all sizes from 1000 to 6000, cranking in up to 1.01m per handle turn! Fitted with an arch-shaped Air Rotor in DS4 polycarbonate for silky smooth rotation.

The latest ATD drag system keeps you in control from the moment a fish takes. DS5 carbon body and a Tough Digigear drive give reliable, rugged, light performance at a very attractive selling price!



  • ATD drag technology, full-size drag button
  • Bearings: 5 + 1
  • DS5 carbon body and DS4 polycarbonate Air Rotor
  • Aluminium Air Spool
  • CrossWrap line lay
  • Ultralight aluminium handle



  • Light
  • Robust
  • Value for money




LT is a new concept in Daiwa engineering which has produced new sizes of reels that are smaller and tougher than ever. The entirely redesigned Digigear drive is reinforced. 

It’s impossible to part with an LT reel once you’ve held it in your hands!





ATD Drag

The ATD boasts discs which have been impregnated with a specialist grease to optimise energy yield. This exceptionally high-quality product gives more grinding power at the start and offers a more stable and progressive drag. The risk of breaking off on the fight is kept to a minimum as the ATD adjusts to every phase of the fight: working faster and more progressively on the first run but offering a firmer hold for cranking power in the middle phase. It’s this adaptive feature that gives it its Automatic name.

Smoother, more controlled fights are guaranteed with the Daiwa ATD. Locking the knob is more accurate and the inner base of the spool fits better onto the shaft to reduce drag pulsing.



The Air Rotor weighs up to 15% less than ordinary rotor designs. Its unique shape reduces unnecessary weight while distributing stress more evenly throughout the rotor for maximum strength.


DS5 Body

DS5 is an incredibly strong carbon based composite material developed by DAIWA Technology and nearly strong than Zaion reels.

Carbon composite can make the reel lighter and tougher than ordinary graphite. And as they are not metal, they never corrode, even in salt water use.

Light, tough and highly durable! Together with Zaion DS5 is the ideal material for reels.





Inspired by the Digigear, this tougher brother has been optimised in all respects: diameter, thickness, shape and size of the teeth. We have trialled and tested each detail in turn and refined the elements with surgical precision. 

The result is pure technical prowess in terms of toughness.




Cross Wrap

This technology cross wraps the line around the spool for optimised offloading on the cast. This is absolutely key to preventing tangles and linespin.



Infinite Anti Reverse

The new Infinite Anti Reverse system is activated with 4 times less force than a classic system.

Less than 2g is needed to engage the Real Stopper system which eliminates any handle movement, bringing sensitivity to the next level.



Silent Oscillation

The perfect tuning of the contact points between helicoid and straight teeth create an energy yield close to 99% and silent rotation. Daiwa gear trains offer superior winding smoothness.




Air Bail

 The hollow Touch Air Bail is made from SUS303 steel and is 20% tougher than a solid titanium bail of the same weight, and with a lifespan 13 x longer.

Twist Buster II

The TB2 pickup roller has been developed by Daiwa and precision tooled to guarantee optimal line lay. The system reduces the risks of linespin on the retrieve by 90%.





In contrast to classic cylindrical spool designs, ABS spools are tapered to limit the risks of tangling on the cast. What’s more, the lip reduces friction to boost casting distance.

The new ABSII design has been optimised to let you reach record distances on the cast.




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