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Evo Lures Zargana 150F (Length: 150mm, Weight: 21gr, Color: Skipjack)
Evo Lures Zargana 150F (Length: 150mm, Weight: 21gr, Color: Skipjack)
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Evo Lures Zargana 150F


A dream is a dream, and Zargana 150F is the fisherman’s dream comes alive. 
New ideas and new concepts are born through our fishing experience. For sure, Zargana 150F is not an ordinary diving pencil or just a simple popper it’s a very innovating lure with so many functions, for so many applications. Designed and engineered to catch fish. 
The lure body is based on the slim profile of one of the most common baitfish around the world scientifically named  Belone belone  or “Zargana” or Ballyhoo or Needle fish or a similar fish in Japan called Sayori.
It’s proven after extensive tests by our field testing Team and  Evolures pro staff, that Zargana 150 it’s a real fish catching machine. We spend a lot of time on the water for fine tuning the lure to achieve the perfection in swimming action, and we are proud to say that the lure performs excellent. Great castability, explosive top water popping action and many more functions as below.
Color Chart:
How to use Zargana 150F : 
The simplest way to use Zargana 150F is popping just cast the lure and let it rest on surface. You will notice that the lure resting position on surface is horizontal. The lure is balanced to rest at this position on surface to offer the predator the profile of the baitfish. The only action that angler is necessary to do is reel it and twitch the lure. Even just a round turn of the reel handle is enough to make the lure to “pop and splash”. Yes it’s so easy, and wait for a strike.  
If you have bluewater runners under your feet or your boat, then you just cast and reel it as fast as you can. The lure will swim like an escaping baitfish side to side with great rolling movement and a kick tail action and become a shallow diver about 5-10cm under the surface leaving behind a long bubbles trail directing the predators for a big bite on the lure. Using this method the lure is very effective and is excites the fish for an easy hunting when feeding on surface.  
Any action is possible with this lure, you can also use the combination of cast, reel, twitch, run and stop the lure action will entice the hunter’s instincts for a ready “play fish” and an easy prey.
Also if you are chasing for the big seabass or a barracuda on shallow waters, you can cast and slow retrieve the lure. This action generate the lure to imitate a natural baitfish swims fearless on top of the water. During slow retrieve you will also notice a gentle kick tail and roll action of the lure leaving behind a V-SHAPE wave trail. Fish love this, and they will find it a very irresistible meal and easy catch of the day. 
If you are a fanatic trolling angler you can use Zargana for this application as well, is very effective on bluewater fish species. Just troll it at speeds of 3 – 4 knots it’s enough to swims and catch fish.
Lure specifications:
Model : Surface – shallow runner
Size :150mm
Weight : 21gr
Lure treble hook VMC 7547 TI or DECOY YS21  size # 3 or # 4 preferable   for bigger size fish.
Recommended rod specs:  10-30 gr or 15 -35gr   moderate fast   or fast at     2.70m to 3. 00m 
Equipped with EVOLURES high frequency rattles sound system for maximum predator attraction  and  is fine tune for  saltwater fishing .
PAY ATTENTION ,keep rod nose tip top  down  for  best lure performance in any application.Also have in mind that the lure performs best in calm weather for boat  and beach spinning. 
Not  suggested for  fishing against windy conditions of 3-5knots.
Zargana 150F is strongly suggested for seabass, bluefish, jacks, bonitos, mackerels, dorados, barracudas ,Redfish, Permit,bonefish, queenfish,Leerfish,....And “Let the fish decide"

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