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Little Jack Floating Lures

Little Jack Borabress (Length: 80mm, Weight: 8.3gr, Color: #06 Pink Cotton Candy)
Little Jack Borabress (Length: 80mm, Weight: 8.3gr, Color: #06 Pink Cotton Candy)
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�Little Jack Borabress

BORABRESS: Borubless

Cartiha hook standard equipment (ST - 31 # 6)
80 mm / 8.3 g
TYPE: Floating Minnow


  • ? Wobble the water surface and breath.
  • ? Familiar with water, "breathe" open mouse and water duct
  • ? Movable eye gimmick directs life feeling
  • ? Secure the flight distance with the back center of gravity
  • ? Real shape sticking to under angle
  • ? Lip to allow swimming in breath action and dead throw

Realistic reproduction of breath of life by open mouse structure

A minnow developed as if simulating a bait to breathe on the water surface, aiming at a target conscious of the surface and subsurface.

It is a super dead throw and puts out the mouth from the water surface and swims up attuned with Yota yota and appeals.

By repeating stops and goes on the surface and subsurface, you can also perform higher actions that get into the water and rise from the head and put in the predator switch.

An open mouse that reproduces the way to breathe and a water duct that discharges air and water from Ella create a sense of life with sounds and water currents as well as actions.

To further enhance the sense of life, a movable eye gimmick is also included.

The eyeball moves slightly with the water flow coming from the mouth, flushing to the target of the under angle and appealing.

Also, it recorded a high byte rate as a minor capable of swimming about 20 cm under the water surface from a dead throw to a medium retrieve.

I will take action even in a super dead throw in a night game. While weighing around 8 g, full backward center of gravity secures a flying distance without stress.



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